Magic: The Gathering – Tales of Dominaria

“Tales of Dominaria” is a sweeping epic that tells the story of the epic battle between the forces of good and the Phyrexias in the world of Magic: The Gathering. The song, named “Tales of Dominaria” by Anders, was composed in the inspiration of the plane Dominaria, which is the first plane of MTG and also the plane where takes place the first set of the 30th anniversary of MTG named “Dominaria United”.

It begins with a Middle Eastern-inspired melody, evoking the mysterious desert where Karn, a character in the game, discovered evidence of the Phyrexias’ return. After being trapped in the temple for six months, Karn was rescued and, along with Ajani, presented the evidence to the rest of the forces of good. It was not long before the Phyrexias launched their attacks, revealing themselves to be among the forces of good and making the war difficult to fight.

As the song progresses, it transforms into an epic melody that represents the multiple wars between the forces of good and the Phyrexias. The forces of good are represented by the duduk and Davis’s guitar, while the Phyrexias are represented by the sharp, industrial sound of Erica’s ruan and Jesse’s guitar. In the end, the Phyrexias emerge victorious, as represented by the metal sounds of Jesse’s guitar and Davis’s epic, driving melodies.

Throughout the piece, Anders masterfully blends elements of classical, Middle Eastern, and metal music to create a sound that is both epic and emotionally powerful. Whether you are a fan of Magic: The Gathering or simply a lover of great music, “Tales of Dominaria” is sure to be a memorable listening experience.

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